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Cynthia Hildebrand, D.Hom

I am Cynthia Hildebrand, a homeopathic educator. For over 20 years, I have studied and trained in classical homeopathy with leading practitioners from Arizona to Den Hague, Holland. 

Through a complete case study, covering medical and emotional history, I formulate one individual remedy to treat multiple symptoms. Using tiny doses of natural substances, I work to trigger systemic change and restore the "vital force".

I have treated the root cause of disease and illness in a wide range of clients from infants to the elderly. My goal is to cure and create a healthy human, whatever the stage of life- Not just treat the symptoms.

Homeopathy is my passion. I love how each person is different- with different stories and textures. I love finding out what makes people who they are and how they got to this place of health or dis-ease. This is what it means to take the "whole case". Everyone has stress, trauma, or hurt in their life. How the body resonates with these individual dramas is different. My work is to discover how to help the body heal itself by sparking the vital life-force with homeopathy.