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"Cynthia has been my “one-stop-shop” for optimal health. She has helped me not only to conceive my first child but has been incredibly helpful to keep me & my little one healthy. I recommend Cindy’s services to anyone who wants to live fully & healthfully!”
"Working with Cynthia has been a gift. She took the time to really understand the physical, emotional and enviornmental issues of our family and treated us each as individuals, and as a family unit.  Her advice goes far beyond homeopathy, and she gives advice from her mind, soul, and most importantly, her heart.  I could not recommend working with Cynthia more highly!
-Michele V.
"Our three year old no longer has PTSD symptoms from her premature birth and multiple surgeries. She now sleeps through the night and is happy and outgoing."
-Alison G.
"My nine year old daughter's frequent headaches lessened dramatically and her body chemistry shifted. She is no longer smelly in the morning!"
-Beth L.
"My perspective on marriage has changed, my skin has stopped itching, and I have a better attitude, all from one remedy. I can't wait to bring my teenage daughter to see you!"
-Margaret A.
"My entire family had the stomach flu. Cindy's recommendations kept me healthy. Never got it!"
-Lars L.
"My elderly mother was suffering from gastrointestinal problems after a hospital stay. One remedy calmed all of her stress."
-Kathy C.